S.T. Dupont Now Available at Finck Cigars

Sep 08

S.T. Dupont Now Available at Finck Cigars

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S.T. Dupont fine lighters now available at Finck Cigars Midtown.


By Vikram | Oct 07 2015

I enjoy anything that is pudorced right!Right=1) Proper construction a) Firm b) no bursting wrapper, fragile wrappers, tunneling, canoeing etc.  c) Good draw2) Correct alchemy   a) Good flavor despite strength b) No Bitterness (not caused by overheating)3) Proper aging before release!!!  a)No ammonia or residual ammonia from lack of proper fermentation! (Do you hear that CAO (Henri Wintermans)!)Ring Gauge:  My take is that the new 60 s are for impatient and rookie smokers. I also partly believe in the American SUV condition that bigger is better (a rookie mistake). This is no lie but the only people I know that seek these gauges out are stove pipers and the inexperienced smokers. I’m not saying a person with a palette can’t enjoy them but they aren’t the first ring gauge an experienced smoker would reach for given a choice. I enjoy 60 s but given a choice I would reach for a 52 or 54 Toro over a 60 Gordo depending on the wrapper 9/10. Strength (Super Full bodied): This isn’t easy to answer. In a perfect world I would want a cigar to be full strength with great flavor. My understanding is that flavor will suffer at the expense of strength. Perdomo told me he could make a cigar that would turn me green from the strength but it would taste like s t. I’ve yet to smoke anything that has upset my stomach or made me high but I’m sure that’s because I chew more than a can of chew a day and gut it. Once again I think Super Full cigars are for those rookies that have a limited palette and/or like some old timers have none at all and are after the nicotine. I’ll choose a medium great flavor stick like a Padilla 68 (med-full is a stretch) over a Super Full POS! So yes I want a super full bodied cigar but not at the expense of taste/flavor!!! I can always take a dip if I didn’t get enough nicotine!

By Juan | Oct 09 2015

Technically, it is not a quit smoking aid, BUT peolpe have successfully used it to quit. My wife and best friend did it like this: First they switch to the ecig, after a few weeks, they cut back the nicotine level, after a few weeks more they cut back again. Basically they use it in steps, like you do with the patch or gum. They both said it helped more though, because it also takes care of your physical addiction of wanting to put something in your mouth. (Which made my wife very happy, because she was very worried about gaining weight when she quit).The key is to make sure you start out with the correct nicotine level to satisfy your craving, so you can stop the regular cigarettes, then you start cutting back. If you start with to low of a nicotine, you will not be satisfied and not give up the regular cigarettes.It costs the same as the patch or gum to start-around $40. My wife spent about $25 a month on refill liquid for it and it got cheaper as she used it less and less.Since there is no tar in electric cigarettes, she experienced slight coughing up of stuff . Our family doctor examined her and told her it was because her lungs were starting the healing process of purging the tar from them. It is common for peolpe who quit smoking.Anything has to be better for you then regular cigarettes.

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