Rocky Patel Number 6

May 20

Rocky Patel Number 6

by Finck Cigars | 0 Comments

Wrapper- Honduran Corojo

Binder- Honduran

Filler- Honduran/Nicaraguan

Size- 6x60

Smoking Time- 2hrs +

The Rocky Patel Number 6 is a new offering that was named after the sample blend that Rocky had chosen, which was, you guessed it the sixth sample.

Review by Don Rowland, Finck Cigars Midtown


The packaging and band work are classic.The black and gold play nicely with the brown hues from the Corojo wrapper. Minimal veins and the cap is nicely done. All said a top tier presentation.

First Third

A subtle blast of pepper is there upon initial light, but quickly vanished. Then notes of coffee, vanilla and earth start to come about. The burn is solid and the draw is awesome with just the right amount of resistance. The strength is a solid medium.

Second Third

Upon entering the second half there is a slight note of pepper, but the sweetness of coffee, vanilla, even some caramel and nutty notes are making the pepper an after thought. The earthy notes are there but this is all about the sweetness! Burn is still good and the strength is still a rock solid medium.

Final Third

This cigar is very consistent, at the front are caramel, vanilla, cedar, and a strong nutty note is also present. Burn is excellent and strength is still medium.

In Closing

Never in a million years would I guess this is a Rocky Patel blend, but this is a winner! This cigar would be good anytime day or night, especially after having a huge dinner and you still wanted your dessert but you can’t eat another bite. This cigar would suit the palette of many different smokers. Well done Rocky!


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