Review | Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

Apr 05

Review | Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

by Finck Cigars | 0 Comments

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

Size: Robusto 5 1/2 x 54

By: Matthew Cazares | Manager, Finck Cigars Broadway

The Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua is a my new favorite cigar. Using a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan fillers and binders. It technically shouldn't be called a puro by any means, 

ut name aside it's is all about the cigar. It presents itself with a dark, thick and slightly oily wrapper. Firm to the touch.

The initial light of the cigar there is a very smooth profile. Rich in flavor with sweet notes of earth and a nice little blast of pepper through the nose. Starting the first third as a medium to full bodied profile. The draw is flawless, lots of smoke produced

At the halfway mark of the cigar the pepper has diminished through the nose but stays very smooth on the palate. There is still a notable hint of the sweet earth but morphing more to a sweet dark chocolate note. Razor sharp burn and nice white ash. Still no issue with draw. This is a very complex cigar. There is an obvious strength creeping in but nothing overwhelming or uncomfortable about it.

The last third, nothing much has changed but it doesn't have to. The flavors this cigar is producing are nice. The sweetness is still there and the pepper has almost faded. Never had an issue with the burn or having to relight it.

My final thoughts on this cigar is that i could recommend this to any medium plus smoker. Any fan of Liga Privada #9 or Padron 1926 fans would easily enjoy this without the price tag. It's a great transition cigar for a medium smoker to ease their way into a fuller bodied smoke. A full bodied smoker will enjoy this cigar because it has everything you'd expect in a great maduro, rich and smooth flavors. Come by the shop and try one for yourself. 


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