Review//Caldwell Long Live the King

Mar 30

Review//Caldwell Long Live the King

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Size: Short Churchill

Long Live the King is a gorgeous release from Caldwell Cigars. The size is called a Short Churchill or really by dimensions its a Toro. What really attracts most people to this cigar and what kind of got my attention from the start 

 was the presentation. Very oily true Dominican Corojo wrapper topped with a very nice pigtail cap.

First third of the cigar starts with a light black pepper note that is nice and subtle and does not overwhelm a cedar note and light saltiness. Very smooth start, straight burn and about a medium bodied smoke so far. Medium but very rich in flavor.

Halfway into the cigar i am getting a little inconsistency in the burn line, but nothing that needs to be touched up. The most obvious change has been the strength. It has moved its way into the full bodied category. Nothing much has changed in the flavor although i will say a nice sweetness has presented itself almost creating a nice caramel note. A few more puffs into it and the burn line has corrected itself.

Final third is keeping the strength that progressed in the halfway mark. The pepper note has really dropped of and some leather has come into the mix. The burn line has kind of chased itself but always seems to catch up and correct itself every time.

Overall, if you are looking for a full bodied smoke with a smooth profile, this is the cigar for you. For smokers looking for something other than a full bodied cigar Caldwell offers The King is Dead in a medium and Eastern Standard in a mild profile.


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