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Why Our Cigar Lounge Is Different From The Others

San Antonio is a large city that offers it residents plenty of choices in terms of entertainment, dining, and shopping, but it also has a good number of cigar lounges to choose from as well. The cigar lounge at Finck Cigars stands out from the competition in a number of ways that make it the best smoke spot in San Antonio for the cigar aficionado and the new smoker alike. If you aren’t sure which cigar lounge to visit next time you need a smoke, check out these features that make Finck Cigars your best option:

• There is no membership or entrance fee – Most cigar lounges charge an entry fee or require you to become a member before you can use their facilities, and if you go frequently, these costs can add up quickly. Finck Cigars never charges any fee or membership due to get in our doors; our cigar lounge is completely free, whether you purchase a product or not.

• We provide complimentary coffee and water – We want you to be comfortable while you’re here, so we offer our patrons free, unlimited coffee and water while they relax and enjoy their cigars in our comfortable, plush furniture. We’ve also got newspapers on hand so you can catch up on the news.

• We have Wi-Fi – Sometimes you have to multi-task, and with our free Wi-Fi you can enjoy your stogie, check your email, and get some work done all at the same time.

• You can buy and try new cigars on the spot – If you are tired of smoking the same cigar and want to branch out to something new, you can browse our products and try them here in our on-site cigar lounge. You can also ask our cigar experts for personalized recommendations.

If you are looking for a cigar lounge that has all the top amenities but doesn’t cost you money, come to Finck Cigars today. With two convenient San Antonio locations, you won’t find a better smoking room than ours.