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Why Handmade Cigars Are Better

You have two choices when buying a cigar: one produced in an assembly line by machinery and tools, or one made by hand by an expert in cigar production. While machine-made cigars might come with a lower price tag, they’re often not as good as handmade ones. Handmade cigars are of a higher quality, offer a more flavorful smoke, and are worth the extra few dollars to enjoy.

There are several factors that make handmade cigars better, the first being that they are made with pure tobacco. Most machine-made cigars contain fillers that include paper, preservatives, and a number of chemicals and additives you don’t want. Alternately, handmade cigars are almost always made with pure, 100-percent tobacco leaves to produce a better flavor, a longer-lasting smoke, and a superior cigar in general. Handmade cigars are also less likely to have flaws in their construction because an actual person has produced and inspected them. Before being sent to packaging, every cigar is checked to make sure there are no imperfections, and any that are found are remedied. This extra attention to detail means that the consumer receives a higher-quality product, and because of the care with which they are created, handmade cigars also stay together better too. Cigars produced by machines are known to flake and fall apart because the wrappers aren’t of as high a quality as those that are hand-rolled and because they aren’t applied with as much care. This often means that the cigar will start to disintegrate once smoked, which can cause a loss of flavor and the inability to enjoy the entire stogie.

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