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We Can Help You Find Quality Discount Cigars

Cigars can be expensive, with some rare ones costing nearly $100 per smoke, which is not affordable for most people. Finck Cigars offers a solution to this predicament with our wide selection of discount cigars that let you save money and get a great smoke, regardless of your budget. We offer cigars at all price points to fit every budget, and from common, easy-to-find cigars that cost $1 to rare, never-before-seen stogies that go for over $100, you’ll find everything you need on our shelves.

Finck Cigars is able to offer discount cigars because in addition to imported brands that cost more due to shipping, handling, and customs, we also offer a large number of local brands too. We’ve got lots of smokes from here in the U.S. (some are from Texas!), and this can save you hundreds of dollars on a single purchase. We offer our own cigar brands as well to give you greater savings still, and when compared to bigger brands, they’re much more affordable and budget-friendly while still tasting great.

Another way we help you save cash is by offering a variety of purchasing options. If you’re on a tight budget, buy one or two single discount cigars. If you have more to spend, pick up a whole box of your favorites. This purchasing option lets you enjoy a good-quality cigar whenever you want one, instead of having to save up for an entire box, so if you are looking for discount cigars that will save you money but not skimp on quality or flavor, come to Finck Cigars today. Ask one of our expert associates for help, and they’ll direct you to the perfect smoke for your budget. Once purchased, sit down and enjoy your stogies in our free smoking room that has complimentary Wi-Fi, coffee, water, and newspapers.