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The E Cig Debate

The electronic cigarette, more commonly known as an E cig, is quickly becoming one of America’s more popular trends. It offers smokers a convenient, easy way to get their nicotine fix without all the harmful effects that traditional cigarettes have, and it’s also more acceptable for indoor use as it doesn’t product bothersome smoke or fumes that can harm or irritate others. It is also reputed to help some smokers decrease their nicotine intake or stop smoking altogether.

The E cig is not yet a social norm due to the large number of debates going on about this new technology. Should it be allowed in public areas? Does it offer fewer adverse health effects than cigarettes? Can it really help with smoking cessation? Public opinion is still conflicted, but below are a few common thoughts on the issue:

Smoking cessation – According to the World Health Organization, there is not much evidence that E cigarettes help with smoking cessation. As they are fairly new to the market, not many studies have been done, and there hasn’t been enough time to note long-term effects.

Indoor use – Most cities and jurisdictions don’t have policies or laws that pertain to using an E cig in public areas or establishments, and while they do have policies regarding the use of traditional cigarettes, it’s unclear as to whether or not these laws should also apply to electronic cigarettes as well, especially since they don’t use the same process or create the same safety hazards.

Health effects – When compared to a traditional cigarette, the Centers for Disease Control says that an E cig does pose fewer adverse health effects. E cigs typically deliver nicotine in smaller doses than traditional cigarettes, and they don’t cause the same respiratory problems since there is no smoke or tar to be inhaled. Additionally, E cigs eliminate the existence of second-hand smoke, which can improve the health of the public at large.

As the E cig becomes more widely used, studies will be carried out, data will be collected, and debates surrounding its use will become more settled. To learn more about E cigs or to get your own, come in to Finck Cigars today.