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Store Your Cigars In Texas’ Largest Cigar Humidors

If you want to preserve the quality and flavor of your cigars and their tobacco, you can’t keep them in a box or a Ziploc bag; they quickly dry out, impairing the taste and causing the leaves used in rolling them to fall apart. If you want to keep your cigars in top condition until the day you want to smoke them, you need to store them in cigar humidors. Humidors keep cigars in a controlled, humid environment so that their quality and taste are preserved and their value is maintained. In-home humidors are available, but they are usually small and expensive, and if you have a large collection of cigars you’ll have to purchase either several small cigar humidors or a larger sized cabinet-style one, both of which can get expensive.

If you live in San Antonio, you have another option for keeping your cigars safe from drying out: Finck Cigars. Finck Cigars stores cover more than 1,200 square feet collectively and have the two largest cigar humidors in the state of Texas, both of which are available for the public to rent. Prices range from $12.50 to $24.95 a month, depending on the size of space you require, and allow you to store all of your special stogies in Finck Cigars top-quality cigar humidors. When you’re ready to partake, come to the store to retrieve your cigar, head to Finck Cigars free smoke room, light up, and enjoy our free Wi-Fi and other convenient amenities.

In addition to being able to store your cigars in one of the largest humidors in Texas, when you join Finck Cigars you’ll also receive $20 in free cigars every month! If you need somewhere to store your favorite stogies, or if you want to browse our great selection of rare domestic and imported items, stop by one of Finck Cigars two convenient San Antonio locations today.