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Should You Invest In An E-Cig?

The E-Cig is the latest craze for American smokers. Easy to carry, simple to use, and available in many different flavors, it can often be smoked inside, which is a major perk for regular smokers who don’t want to go outside to enjoy a cigar or cigarette. If you aren’t sure whether purchasing an E-Cig is right for you and your lifestyle, take a moment to look through the following factors to help you make your decision:

• Consider costs – Think about how much you spend each week or month on cigarettes. If it’s a lot, the E-Cig may save you money. Once you purchase the initial heating element, all you have to replace is the liquid nicotine when it runs out, and most vials last several weeks. This can save you money over time, and since E-Cigs are not as heavily taxed as cigarettes, you can save even more.

• Look into local laws – If you’re thinking about buying an E-Cig so you can smoke inside, be sure to check your local laws first, as some cities are imposing bans on the indoor use of E-Cigarettes in public places.

• Think about taste – If you are tired of tasting and smelling like cigarette smoke, an E-Cig can help. The liquids come in all sorts of flavors that range from chocolate mint to watermelon, so E-Cigs make smoking taste better in general. They also don’t leave your mouth, hair, or clothes full of the smoky smell.

• Be wary – E-Cigs are so new that they aren’t FDA-regulated and therefore don’t have to disclose any ingredients contained in their products, so although many claim to be healthier than regular cigarettes, this should not be considered factual until more research is done.

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