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Finck’s 1893 Vintage





While working on new blends with Nestor Plasencia, the preeminent Honduran cigar manufacturer, he smoked some of our top-selling Finck’s 1893 brand. This guy knows tobacco better than almost anyone in Central America, and when he said he could improve on the brand, I was skeptical. Those cigars are my personal favorites, and I would never change that blend. I put that idea on the back-burner and forgot about it. Then, about 6 months later, a package shows up with a simple note from Nestor – “Bill, smoke these and then give me a call”. And that is how Finck’s 1893 Vintage was born.

Nestor took some of his best quality, aged reserve tobaccos, made samples and then put them away to sit for months, and the result was phenomenal! The cigars are medium to full bodied with incredibly rich, complex characteristics that develop a full-flavored, smooth and well-balanced taste that I truly love! Vintage Jamastran and Estelí long fillers are nestled in Jalapa binder and artfully wrapped in a beautiful Habano seed wrapper from Ecuador. These world-class tobaccos combined with a long and patient aging process are worth the wait – they are truly exceptional! Treat yourself to the newest Finck super-premium, and enjoy our finest release to date!