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Buenaventura Treas


Buenaventura is made by Curivari, a hugely successful Nicaraguan boutique factory. We love the quality and value of Buenaventura and judging by the amount we sell our customers love them too! Made with 100% Cuban seed tobaccos, they are blended for a Cuban profile – expertly balanced flavor and strength. Finished with a classic Cuban-style triple cap, everything about these flavorful beauties screams Havana except the price! They are top-sellers in our retail stores, with one of our employees being an unofficial brand ambassador for them. Trea Bishop manages our original West Ave. store, and he can’t get enough of Buenaventura. The Curivari owner is Greek, and he appreciated Trea’s support so much that he made an exclusive size for us, and named it after him! The Treas (Greek spelling of his name) is a wonderful smoking 6” x 52 Toro that our customers are going wild over. Get yourself a box of this exclusive size from the only place in the world you can get them – Finck’s!

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