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Brand Spotlight: Opus X Cigars

Opus X is one of the most popular brands of cigars in the world. Officially called Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars, these stogies were first created by Carlos Fuente Jr. to add to his personal cigar collection. Today, these cigars are considered to be a rare find among aficionados, are in high demand, and are expensive.

How Opus X Cigars are Made

Opus X cigars are made from vintage, Cuban-seed tobacco that’s grown locally in the Dominican Republic. They are finished with Rosado filler leaves and binders and then hand rolled by expert cigar makers before going to the market.

The soil of the Dominican Republic has long been known for its advantages in tobacco growing, offering a rich, fertile environment unlike any other native soil. It nurtures the underlying flavor in the tobacco plant as well as the filler and the binder leaves, and helps make the Opus X brand cigar a robust and memorable smoke. But while the Dominican climate is great for growing tobacco, it has made growing wrappers for Opus X cigars quite a challenge. The windy Dominican weather and the island’s topography made it difficult to sustain plants long enough for them to properly ripen for harvesting, and it wasn’t until 1992 that the Fuente family managed to develop a successful method for planting, growing, and harvesting Rosado wrappers in the local Dominican soil. Since then, the Opus X brand has become world-renowned for its flavorful wrapper that is unlike any other on the market.

What Opus X Cigars Taste Like

Opus X cigars boast a rich, full-bodied flavor, and their unique Rosado wrappers offer a robust, somewhat spicy taste you won’t find in any other brand. Opus X stogies are extremely balanced throughout the entire cigar, offering an even mouthful of flavor with every draw, from the first pull to the last.

The Opus X brand offers a number of distinct products, each delivering a unique variation on the traditional Opus X flavors. Some of the most popular products include:

Some product lines are more readily available than others, and many Opus X cigars are difficult to find and expensive to buy.

Where to Find Opus X Cigars

Opus X cigars can be difficult to find because they are in high demand, and they are most readily available online through rare cigar retailers or vintage smoke shops. If you live in the San Antonio area, however, you can also find them at Finck Cigars, a local smoke shop that offers two convenient locations to choose from. Finck Cigars also serves as a smoke room and has the state’s largest cigar humidors on site, so you can relax and enjoy your Opus X cigars immediately after purchase, or rent an on-site humidor to ensure that your smokes retain their full-bodied flavor for a long time. While you’re here, browse our selection of many other cigar brands you may want to try, including CAO, Travis Club, H. Upmann, and Macanudo.

Try Opus X Cigars Now

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