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Brand Spotlight: Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo cigars are one of the top-selling brands of premium cigars in the United States, and they’re known across the world for their mild, light-bodied flavor, consistent draw, and distinct taste. Finck Cigars offers the Macanudo brand and its many sub-brands at both of our San Antonio locations.

About Macanudo Cigars

Having been started in 1968, the Macanudo brand is fairly new to the cigar industry. Despite its youth, however, the brand has quickly risen up the ranks and is now one of the top-selling premium cigar brands in the U.S. and one of the best-selling brands in the world. The greatest attention to detail is put into manufacturing Macanudo cigars. Their tobacco, which is grown in the Dominican Republic, is only planted in soil that’s been fully analyzed, cared for, and prepared by expert agronomists. Even then, seeds aren’t planted unless they’ve been hand-chosen by Macanudo’s trained professionals. Macanudo employees are involved in every step of the production process thereafter, including harvesting the tobacco leaves, curing the filler and wrapper, rolling, packaging and more.

When it comes to taste, Macanudo cigars are known to offer a smooth, consistent smoke with a distinctive rich and mild flavor that’s unlike any other brand. They use an aged tobacco and filler as well as the company’s proprietary “Connecticut Shade” wrapper that is grown, cured, and aged for a minimum of two years each. After the wrappers and fillers are aged, they’re left to mature in Dominican rum barrels to impart a more robust taste and flavor into the leaves. Finally, each cigar is hand-bunched, wrapped and rolled in the company’s factory, located in The Dominican Republic’s town of Santiago.

Buy Macanudo Cigars

If you are looking for Macanudo cigars, come to Finck Cigars. We can help you find the perfect Macanudo for your budget and taste.