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6 Reasons Cigar Shops Aren’t Just For Aficionados

Cigar shops aren’t just for people who are heavilyinto cigars, and while aficionados certainly enjoy a good cigar store and smoking room, they’re not the only ones who can benefit from visiting one. Cigar shops provide a great venue for virtually anyone interested in cigars or smoking, even on a cursory level. Cigar shops are perfect if you meet any of the following six criteria:

1. You can’t smoke cigars at home – If you’re not able to smoke stogies in the house, try going to the local cigar shops. Most have a smoking room where you can sit down and enjoy your cigar.

2. You want to enjoy a cigar with likeminded individuals – If you’re tired of smoking alone, visit a cigar shop or smoking room, where you can enjoy your stogie in the company of others like you.

3. You need help choosing a cigar – If you’re not sure what brand of cigar to try or you want recommendations for new ones, cigar shops are a great place to go. They employ expert staff members who can guide your decision and ensure that you choose the perfect cigar for your budget and taste.

4. You need smoking accessories or other items – Cigar shops aren’t limited to cigars alone; you can find plenty of other smoking-related items there too, including lighters, Snus, cases, e-cigarettes, ashtrays, chewing tobacco, and roll-your-own-cigarette supplies.

5. You need somewhere to store your own stogies – If you have a stogie collection but don’t want to invest in an expensive humidor, cigar shops can help. Most offer rental lockers where you can store your cigars in a temperature-controlled humidor for a small monthly fee.

6. You want to learn more about cigars in general – Cigar stores are a great place to go if you want to learn more about the cigar world. In addition to their highly trained staff, they also host regular events where you can learn about certain cigar brands and other industry happenings.

From the most seasoned aficionado to the newest of smokers, cigar shops are a fun and welcoming environment for all. Stop by one of Finck Cigars’ two San Antonio cigar shops today to see for yourself.