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5 Opus X Cigars You’ll Love

Opus X cigars are some of the world’s most renowned and sought-after stogies. Made by Arturo Fuente, they offer a robust, flavorful smoke that’s not found in most other brands, and they’re also hand-rolled, which makes them higher quality, more enjoyable cigars. If you’ve never tried Opus X cigars, you’re missing out. Below are five popular Opus X cigars you’ll love:

1.Double Corona – A medium- to full-flavored smoke, this is one of Opus X’s most popular stogies. It offers a rich, complex taste and is handmade in the Dominican Republic. It is considered a premium cigar as only a small number are made and released each year.

2.Forbidden X – Made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Arturo Fuente brand, the Forbidden X is made with the best tobacco the Dominican Republic has to offer. It offers a robust, full flavor that’s rich and smooth.

3.Perfecxion – A full-bodied cigar, the Perfecxion offers a smooth, rich smoke with a long-lasting flavor. Like the Double Corona, these are made in limited quantities and are considered a rarity in the cigar world.

4.Belicoso XXX – Hand-rolled and made with shade-grown Rosado wrappers, this is one of Opus X’s most distinct stogies. It offers a spicy, full-bodied flavor with a long draw and a delicious aroma.

5.Reserva D’Chateau – A medium-bodied smoke, the Reserva D’Chateau is one of the highest-rated cigars in the world. It offers a smooth taste, a distinct aroma, and a long-lasting flavor.

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