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4 Rare Boutique Cigars Every Aficionado Should Try

If you are a cigar aficionado, you probably have a favorite brand of stogie that is your go-to smoke, and while this is fine for most occasions, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one brand all the time. There are many popular cigars on the market to try, including Cuban cigars, Dominican cigars, boutique cigars, and rare cigars, and you should take steps to try as many of them as possible! If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these four rare boutique cigars that are worth a try:

Arturo Fuente Opus X – From one of the most popular cigar brands in the world, the Opus X is known for its full-bodied smoke and rich, spicy flavor. It uses only the best wrapper leaves and incorporates vintage tobacco fillers and binders from the Dominican Republic.

Camacho Corojo – Made with Honduran binder, filler, and wrappers harvested during 2007, which was the country’s best year, the Corojo offers a medium-bodied smoke with rich, fruity flavors. It is also highly affordable.

Padron Series 1926 – This 80-year-old cigar was designed to honor Jose Padron, founder of the Padron cigar brand. It comes in a double corona format and the filler, binder, and wrappers are authentically Nicaraguan.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown – A full-bodied smoke with a hearty, robust flavor, the Virgin Sun Grown uses Ecuadorian wrappers with filler and binder from the Dominican Republic. The leaves boast a strong, oily feel with a flavor that lasts for hours.

If you are ready to try any of these rare boutique cigars or want to buy one for the aficionado in your life, stop by one of Finck Cigars’ two San Antonio locations today. Our expert staff members will help you find the perfect rare cigar for your budget, needs, and taste, and they can point you towards others that you may like too.