Cigar News

May 08


XIKAR New Warranty Process

An update on the XIKAR Lifetime Warranty process from Michael Giordano, President and CEO of Quality Importers.

Jun 05


Lone Star Cigar Bash 2018

Lone Star Cigar Bash 2018 is in the books

Apr 05


Camacho Box Press

An intense spin on our classic blends, a new bold journey to embark on.

Mar 24


Buenaventura Treas

A Finck exclusive!

Mar 02


Fratello Cigars

Check out Finck’s featured cigar of the month - Fratello! Buy 3 get 1 free all during March!

Jan 08


Finck’s 1893 Vintage

Masterfully aged to perfection.

Nov 19


Members Only Smoking Lounge at Finck Cigars Midtown

Don’t miss your chance to join the Members Only Buena Vista Lounge at Finck Cigars Midtown

Nov 06


Oct 30


Oct 23


Oct 16


Which Premium Cigars Should You Try?

Sometimes, an average cigar just won’t cut it. Whether you’re celebrating, you just got a raise, or you’re simply in a good mood, when you need premium cigars, Finck’s is your place.

Oct 03


Why Our Cigar Lounge Is Different From The Others

Find out how our cigar lounge is unlike any other in the area.

Oct 03


Finck Cigars named one of Tatuaje’s Unlucky 13

Tatuaje Monster Series “Unlucky 13”

Sep 26


Should You Invest In An E-Cig?

Follow this guide to find out if purchasing an E-Cig is right for you.

Sep 15


Come To Finck Cigars For Pipes, Accessories, And More!

Finck Cigars offers more than just stogies; we also carry pipes, smoking accessories, and more.

Sep 05


Renting Versus Buying Cigar Humidors

If you’re considering cigar humidors, read this guide to decide if you should rent or buy.

Aug 11


Reasons To Visit Finck Cigars’ Smoke Room

Check out these reasons why Finck Cigars’ smoke room is a better choice than our competitors’ rooms.

Aug 07


7 Great Cigar Gifts For The Aficionado In Your Life

If you’ve got a cigar aficionado in your life, consider these great cigar gifts for the next special occasion.

Aug 04


We Can Help You Find Quality Discount Cigars

If you’re looking for discount cigars that don’t sacrifice on quality, come to Finck Cigars.

Jul 29


5 Benefits Of Our Free Smoke Lounge

Come to our free smoke lounge to enjoy these five great benefits.

Jul 11


Arturo Fuente Cigars: Store, Smoke, Or Buy Them Here

If you’re looking to buy, smoke, or store Arturo Fuente cigars, Finck Cigars in San Antonio is the place to go.

Jul 07


5 Opus X Cigars You’ll Love

If you’re a stogie fan, you’ll love these five products from Opus X cigars.

Jul 04


Why Handmade Cigars Are Better

Handmade cigars offer a higher-quality product, especially when compared with machine-made ones.

Jun 30


Are Rare Cigars Worth The Price?

Because of their quality, taste, and limited availability, rare cigars are worth the extra cost.

Jun 12


The Features Of Finck’s Cigar Bar San Antonio Smokers Love

Some of the features of Finck’s cigar bar San Antonio smokers love include our expert staff and a welcoming environment.

Jun 09


4 Rare Boutique Cigars Every Aficionado Should Try

If you’re a cigar aficionado, be sure to try these highly rated boutique cigars.

Jun 06


Why You Should Visit Our San Antonio Smoke Shop

Our smoking room, product selection, and rental lockers are a few of the reasons you should visit our San Antonio smoke shop.

Jun 03


Upcoming Events At Our Cigar Shops In San Antonio

Join us at these upcoming events at our cigar shops in San Antonio.

May 28


Our Most Popular Cigar Brands

These popular cigar brands are a great choice for your next smoke.

May 26


6 Reasons Cigar Shops Aren’t Just For Aficionados

Cigar shops aren’t just for aficionados anymore; now anyone who smokes can enjoy them.

May 19


San Antonio Cigars For Every Budget

Finck’s offers San Antonio cigars that fit any type of budget.

May 15


Finck’s Can Help You Find Cigars In San Antonio

If you’re looking for cigars in San Antonio, Finck’s can help.

May 07


Finck Cigars Helotes New Hours

New Hours at Finck Cigars’ Bandera Rd. location!

Apr 07


8 Popular Cigar Brands To Try

Not sure which cigar to buy? Consider these eight popular cigar brands.

Apr 07


Need Cigars In San Antonio? Why Finck Cigars Is The Best

When you need cigars in San Antonio, Finck Cigars is the place to go.

Apr 07


4 Things To Look For In A Local Cigar Store

If you’re looking for a cigar store in your area, be sure to check for these four attributes.

Mar 20


Discover The World Of Cigars: Spring Events At Finck Cigars’ Cigar Lounge

Exciting events are going on this spring at Finck Cigars’ cigar lounge in San Antonio.

Mar 11


Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan - Just In Time For St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with all things green - including your cigar!

Mar 10


The E Cig Debate

There are a number of debates surrounding the electronic cigarette, also known as the E cig.

Mar 06


Brand Spotlight: Padron Cigars

Padron cigars are some of the most popular premium cigars in the world.

Feb 03


Finck Cigars: Not Just A Cigar Store

Finck Cigars in San Antonio is more than a cigar store. They also have a smoke room, humidor lockers for rent, and smoke-related merchandise.

Jan 30


Brand Spotlight: Arturo Fuente Cigars

Arturo Fuente cigars are some of the world’s most well known cigars. Buy them at Finck Cigars in San Antonio.

Jan 20


Brand Spotlight: Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo cigars are one of the top-selling brands of premium cigars in the US. Buy them at Finck Cigars in San Antonio.

Jan 10


Cigar Gifts: What To Buy For The Cigar Aficionado

These cigar gifts from Finck Cigars are perfect for the cigar aficionado in your life.

Jan 07


Store Your Cigars In Texas’ Largest Cigar Humidors

Love cigars? Store yours in Finck Cigars cigar humidors, the largest ones in Texas.

Jan 07


Brand Spotlight: Opus X Cigars

Opus X cigars are a rare brand of cigar grown and hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic.

Jan 03


Finck Cigars San Antonio Cigar Shops Are The Biggest In Texas

Finck Cigars offers the biggest cigar selection and humidors in the Lone Star State.

Jan 02


4 Qualities Of A Good Cigar And Smoke Lounge

Look for these factors when searching for a smoke lounge in your area.

Dec 31


Choosing Discount Cigars Without Sacrificing Quality

Follow these tips to find discount cigars without sacrificing on quality or flavor.

Dec 26


Cigar Bar San Antonio: What To Expect

Finck Cigars cigar bar San Antonio offers a relaxing atmosphere, a welcoming environment, and several stogie options.

Dec 20


Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco - Available Now!

45 years of the Nicaraguan cigar industry celebrated with a Limited Edition by Joya de Nicaragua!

Nov 29


San Antonio Smoke Shop: More than Just Cigars

Finck’s Cigar Factory Outlet is more than just your average San Antonio smoke shop.

Nov 25


Finck’s 6th Annual Texas Tailgate - What A Success!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our biggest and best tailgate party yet!

Nov 14


Where Are Premium Cigars Made?

Most premium cigars are made in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Nov 07


Brands of Rare Cigars

These rare cigars are some of the most coveted smokes throughout the world.

Oct 31


Learn About Boutique Cigars at Finck’s Fall Events

Learn about premium and boutique cigars at Finck’s Cigar Factory Outlet’s free fall events.

Oct 17


Types of Handmade Cigars

Learn about the types of handmade cigars and how to tell the difference.

Sep 30


Where to Find the Best Selection of Cigars in San Antonio

Find the best selection of cigars in San Antonio at Finck’s Cigar Factory Outlet.

Aug 14


What’s Happening This Week At Finck’s?

Join your friends at Finck’s for an event Thursday, August 15th, and check out the new brands this week!

Aug 07


New Cigar Store Items 07 August 2013

Check out the newest items available at Finck’s!

Jul 31


New This Week At Finck’s from IPCPR

The team at Finck’s just got back from the annual IPCPR trade show - and we’ve got tons of new smokes coming your way! Check out what we got in this week!

Sep 19


Coming to Finck’s This Week!

More new stuff available this week, from Padron to Quesada!

Sep 05


We’re running out of room!!!

We’ve managed to fit over 20 new brands into our store in the past 3 weeks, about half of what we’ve got coming. Come check it out!

Aug 31


More New Products at Finck’s!

We’ve got over 50 new brands pouring into the stores…check out what’s new this week!

Aug 27


New At Finck’s

After visiting the annual IPCPR Tradeshow this year, we’ve got over 50 new brands coming in!

May 22


Finck’s Commerce Reserva Privada

Bold, Complex, Delicious!

Apr 16


Travis Club Family Blend

Finck’s Signature Brand - NOW AVAILABLE!

Apr 16


New Items at Finck’s!

Check out the new brands we’ve got in our stores, like Alec Bradley Prensado!

Mar 12


New Lockers at our Bandera Rd. store

We’ve added more beautiful Spanish cedar lockers at our Bandera Rd. store - ready for you to rent now!

Mar 12


Feb 01


Lone Star Cigar Bash

Tickets are now available for sale!

Jan 27


Terrible Tuesday

Terrible Tuesday is making a return at our Bandera Rd. store!